BizTalk Azure Migration Convert BizTalk Applications to Microsoft Azure Function and Logic Apps

Service Description

Geneteg has experience with converting all manners of Biztalk applications to the Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure. Converting from BizTalk to the cloud allows for an overall lower cost of ownership for companies that must integrate with third parties. Our service will convert your applications one by one. We will convert your maps, send and receive ports, orchestrations and service buses.

What are Function and Logic apps?

In the early stages of Azure, Microsoft hoped to implement BizTalk services in the cloud. These BizTalk services mimicked the BizTalk server in many ways. The implementation of these cloud services did not help to eliminate some of the many challenges companies need to overcome with BizTalk server. Customer's needed a more understandable service that didn't require expensive specialized technical resources.

These services have evolved into a suite of Azure capabilities that make integration and BizTalk application conversion more attainable for companies.


Although the BizTalk server roadmap for Microsoft provides plans for future upgrades, it's clear that the server platform is nearing it's end of life. BizTalk server 2016 provided few improvements for application developers. The time it takes for a specialized developer to develop, test and deploy a BizTalk application is still high. In addition, BizTalk server is not keeping up with the changing integration environment which is seeing more and more mappings between JSON data and not XML. Developers need to react quickly for integration and a 3-4 year upgrade cycle is not ideal.


Geneteg uses several Azure technologies to help convert all aspects of your BizTalk solution to the cloud.

The first step in the solution is to assess your current BizTalk server applications and develop a migration plan for each of them. Each application may involve all or just a few of the Azure services.

Geneteg will create your Azure test and production footprint. This infrastructure will be completely independant and autonomous. We will create the Azure services needed to properly convert your applications. Geneteg has defined a set of simplified services for converting your applications. These are described, but not limited to, the services below.

Integration Account

The foundation of the solution for customer wishing to convert existing EDI, XSD files and XSLT maps directly to the cloud. This provides the quickest means to a cloud migration. Customer can upload their assets to the intration account and use these assets in Logic App transformations. This solution, however, raises the Azure costs as higher volumen integration accounts and unnecessary EDI modules cost more money. Geneteg provides an alternate solution for customer's wishing to lower their cost of ownership.

Service Bus

Some companies like to utilize the many benefits of a service bus integration. Service bus provides for publish/subscribe functions through topics and queues. Geneteg will assess the need for service bus capability as it relates to your current BizTalk server implementation.

Event Grid

The Azure Event Grid provides the capability to publish/subscribe to events. This is usefull in integrations that may involve technologies such as web hooks. Events can also be used to trigger other events.

Function App

Geneteg utilizes function apps as the primary mapping mechanism. Customer's that wish to eliminate XSD conversions and the higher cost of Integration Accounts may choose this option. Function apps use standard HTTP protocols and take advantage of the mapping power of C#. The C# skillset if more conduscive to general technical resource capabilites as well.

Logic App

The Azure logic app acts as the main engine of your orchestration processing. Logic Apps may use Integration account assets or function apps. Logic Apps provide for a large number of connector ports, including HTTP, SFTP, FTP, SOAP, etc. Logic Apps make orchestration development simpler through easy to understand user interface design. Logic Apps can be fired in a number of ways including on a schedule; a capability BizTalk server still does not do well.


Geneteg takes advantage of Azure storage for any archiving needs.


There are several ways to connect your Azure infrastructure to your on-premise systems. Azure provides gateways and VPNs for direct connections. Geneteg may recommend the implementation of a WebAPI on your current network. Implementing a WebAPI eliminates the need for complicated network connectivity. A WebAPI will allow for secure HTTPS REST based data interaction with your on site systems.

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