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Service Description

Geneteg's Shopify shop setup is a service that enables a new merchant on the Shopify platform.

What is Shopify?

Shopify is a mature e-commerce product, and provides small to mid-size merchants a simple means of establishing an online shop. The platform provides templates to easily create an online catalog with POS and online checkout capabilities.


Merchants who have no prior knowledge of selling online on a platform like Shopify do not have the time or experience to get a Shopify site up and running quickly. New merchants want to focus on their product and marketing of the product and not how to make everything look presentable in a new E-Commerce system. In addition, getting up and running quickly and efficiently is essential in an increasingly changing world.


Geneteg will work with you to create your online shop and site. Our experience with shopify will enable your shop in days instead of weeks. Our cost is $75.00/hr, with all work quoted as a flat fee that will not increase. You will know exactly what you are being invoiced for. These services include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Domain name registration/transfer.
  • Shopify online store setup.
  • Shopify online store template management.
  • 3 Custom Shopify online store pages.
  • Collection creation.
  • Collection tag creation.
  • Web site navigation based on collections.
  • Shipping rate creation.
  • 3rd party sales channels.
  • Product/Customer imports.

Getting Starting

Please contact us for details on getting started with Shopify shop creation.

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